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Vulnerability Responsible Disclosure Policy

Vulnerability Responsible Disclosure Policy

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities -

pusoy real money online supports the security research community and welcomes reports of vulnerabilities in its infrastructure / products. pusoy real money online treats all reports with high priority. pusoy real money online is committed to reviewing and addressing any identified security issues through a coordinated and constructive approach.

Security researchers, industry groups, government organizations, vendors, and partners are encouraged to report any potential vulnerabilities to pusoy real money online using the submission instructions below.

Submission Instructions –

Email your findings to the pusoy real money online Security Team at Direct any reports only to Security Team’s email address -

It is important to include the following information in the report to pusoy real money online:

• Your name and contact information
• Organization (if applicable)
• pusoy real money online products/solutions with versions / any infrastructure affected
• A detailed description of the potential vulnerability
• Supporting technical details, including descriptions or examples of exploit/attack code, packet captures, and steps to reproduce the issue
• Any known information about active/new exploits
• Assumed impact / severity

Acknowledgement after receiving a report -

Once a report is properly submitted to the , pusoy real money online’s Security Team will provide acknowledgement of receipt of your vulnerability report within 48 to 72 business hours of submission. If the report is submitted during the weekend or a U.S. public holiday, it will be acknowledged in the next 48 to 72 business hours.

Compliance Guidelines –

To protect pusoy real money online’s employees, partners and the business, it requests any external security researchers / groups to maintain compliance with this policy. pusoy real money online takes security issues very seriously, and as you know, some vulnerabilities take longer to resolve than others.

A report will be considered as compliant ONLY if the following guidelines are adhered to by the reporting party:

• Any finding is not publicly disclosed without express written consent from pusoy real money online.
• Any submission is ONLY made to the distro.
• Only communication method(s) approved and stated by pusoy real money online after submission are used.
• No disruptive testing like Denial of Service (DoS) or any similar action is performed that could impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of pusoy real money online’s infrastructure / products.
• No social engineering attacks against pusoy real money online employees, partners, or representatives are performed.
• No physical security attacks are committed against any person or entity associated with pusoy real money online.
• No payment or other rewards are demanded as a condition of providing information on any security vulnerabilities.
• No exploitation is performed of any vulnerability discovered to view data or alter data without explicit authorization.
• No testing of third-party applications, websites, or services that integrate with or link from or to pusoy real money online.

Credit –

Please note that pusoy real money online currently does not offer a bug bounty program or compensation for disclosure. But if you have reported an issue that is determined to be a valid security issue and have followed all pusoy real money online’s guidelines, pusoy real money online will recognize and credit you for the finding (if you are the first one to report a unique vulnerability) in pusoy real money online’s Hall of Fame / Quarterly Report, in addition to providing you with any available swag. You will be allowed to disclose the vulnerability after a fix has been issued by pusoy real money online, and pusoy real money online has formally approved the disclosure.

Questions -

Please refer any questions on this to

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